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Firm Overview

Looking back over the years of success we’ve enjoyed at Rapkin & Associates, LLP, Our pride comes not from our track record of success, but the real difference we’ve made in the lives of our clients

Mission Statement

Rapkin and Associates, LLP is dedicated to the use of law and litigation to proactively and optimally advance the goals and best interests of our clients. We believe in the creative use of law as a positive force for social change to empower the poor and guarantee the rights of those with the fewest protections and least access to legal assistance. We are committed to applying our talents, time and resources to defend and protect our clients, and to deliver justice.

About the Firm

Rapkin and Associates, LLP is an extremely unique law firm. We specialize in class actions and civil rights law, as well as multiple areas of real estate and business law, utilizing Michael Rapkin's 40 years of expertise in handling real estate transactions and litigation. In addition, the firm is also committed to helping the poor, the powerless and the disenfranchised obtain first-rate representation.

Located in Venice, Californa, with an office in Warner Center, our firm focuses its real estate practice on representing owners, sellers and buyers of real estate, including individuals, general partnerships, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies, as well as landlords and tenants, in such diverse matters as negotiating and structuring real estate agreements, drafting leases and construction contracts, and litigating breach of contract, insurance bad faith, construction defects, fraud, boundary disputes, easements and injunctions. We also litigate and advise individuals and small businesses in contract disputes and matters involving breach of fiduciary duty.

In all matters, we vigorously represent and counsel all of our clients in order to solve their problems and achieve their objectives timely and efficiently. We believe in the creative use of law as a positive force for social change. And we take personal pride in providing the best possible legal work for all of our clients, on each case, every day.

Our firm's combination of outstanding academic qualifications, tenaciousness in court, diligent persistence and solid practical experience allows our attorneys to optimally advance our clients’ goals and best interests, while proactively protecting their rights.

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